Her Hamlet

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Written by:  Lisa Jackson-Schebetta & Theo Allyn

Music and Lyrics by: Robert Frankenberry

Directed by: Lisa Jackson-Schebetta

Cast: Theo Allyn and Robert Frankenberry

Her Hamlet is a vivid intrepretation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and retells the story through the eyes of the women in the Prince’s life. Judith, Shakespeare's youngest daughter, is haunted by the ghosts of her father's characters. Accompanied by her faithful sidekick, Yorick, Jude seeks to uncover the hidden threads connecting her to the women of her father's work. On the way, she discovers lovers, warriors, dreamers, and artists, and perhaps a startling truth about herself. Produced in collaboration with The University of Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre , Her Hamlet features live, original music composed by Robert Frankenberry.

This 40-minute, one woman, one musician show serves as a perfect introduction to the world of Shakespeare. Her Hamlet will enhance any study of his classic works. If you like Lovers & Fighters, you'll love Her Hamlet.


Requirements: 20' x 20' performance space

Recommended Audience: Middle and High School  (Maximum Audience: 300)

Running Time: 50 minutes (40 minute performance, 10 minute talk-back)

Cost: $595+ (for touring production);

Academic Standards: Pennsylvania Academic Standards for the Arts and Humanities

9.1 (Production, Performance and Exhibition), 9.2 (Historical and Cultural Context), 9.3 (Critical Response), 9.4 (Aesthetic Response).

Dates: In house performance at the Henry Heymann Theatre Oct. 4-13 2012; Student Matinees Available (Dec 3, 4, 2012; Mar 18, 19, 2013).

Touring 2012 Nov - Dec: Tue & Thurs
2013 Jan - April: Wed & Fri

Call Gateway to the Arts: (412) 362-6982 to book